We work to facilitate the transition of homes and businesses to sustainable energy.

Solar Energy Light

At Solar Energy Light we are deeply committed to providing real energy consumption solutions that improve and facilitate people’s lives, from the protection and care of our environment.

Personalized Consultancy and Management

From providing you with a knowledge base, to after-sales care, our entire team of professionals is trained to provide you with exclusive care at all times, evaluating your conditions and needs, to help you make more accurate and informed decisions.

Real and Clear Contributions

The main axis of our work is to benefit our clients, starting with saving money, time and effort, providing a functional and profitable energy plan, based on an affordable budget, adjusted to the requirements and without small print.

A Customized and tailored Solar Plan

Each solar plan is designed to efficiently supply your energy consumption needs. Starting from the evaluation of your solar cost, to the selection of equipment, installation and monitoring, we take care that you have an optimal system that provides you with clean, safe and reliable energy for decades.

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